Figma Nr. 153: Link

Figma Nr. 153 - Skyward Sword Link 12

Link makes his appearance on the Figma stage.

This is just my second Figma figure in my collection as I always was more of the Revoltech guy. I have to say, though, I am totally sold on the Figma series after I got my hands on the Mikasa one. Review will follow in a couple of days. Right away, I can say: this is a must get for all actionfigure fans, Zelda fans, or general gaming/anime/geek fans. The quality of the paintjob, joints, articulation, accessories are on spot. But let us start from the beginning.

Zelda fans had to wait quite a while until they were treated with a more mature game in terms of design. This iteration of Link stems from the Skyward Sword game for the Wii and in terms of resemblance Max Factory did a great job. The proportion and face of this 2012 Figma is right on spot and makes for a great addition in everyone’s collection.

Figma Nr. 153 - Skyward Sword Link 1

Just like every Figma, this one comes with a bunch of accessories. Besides the usual hand variations, additional faces and hair and this one has also a plastic sword swing effect. I am not really the guy for visual effects made in plastic, it’s a nice addition for pose ability, but I can live without it.

Figma Nr. 153 - Skyward Sword Link 9Figma Nr. 153 - Skyward Sword Link 10
The quality of the paint job is just stunning. It’s very clean and accurate. Especially the paint applications on the sword and on the shield are amazing. It’s superior to what Kaiyodo has to offer with its Revoltech line. The photos speak for themselves. I just love it.

Figma Nr. 153 - Skyward Sword Link 3

Figma Nr. 153 - Skyward Sword Link 4

In terms of articulation, you can pretty much put him in any pose that you can think of. My only gripes that I have is his torso. He has almost no range of articulation, i.e. no abcrunch whatsoever. This is sad and one aspect that Revoltech figures do way much better. Nonetheless, anything else on this figure is right on spot. The Gundam Strike pose is quite a good benchmark on the leg articulation, don’t you think 😉

Figma Nr. 153 - Skyward Sword Link 14

All in all, you are missing out if you don’t put this one on your shelf. More photos are coming soon, in the meanwhile you can check out the rest of the set on my flickr.

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