Into new realms – Trying out stop motion

Ironman Landing

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There has always been this struggle in me between photography and filming. I enjoy taking still pictures as much as filming, compositing and visual effects, so this next step would come to me rather naturally. With this amazing release of S.H.Figuarts Iron Man I wanted to try something new, something out of my comfort zone – stop motion animation.

Please allow me to share my thoughts on my first dip into this kind of animation.

I admit, the animation that I did is rather short and very simple. Yet it took me several tries to get his head motion right. At first I was thinking about shooting him in a complete greenscreen environment, but last time I did it that way, I had too much green color spill on the figure. So I opted for a white foam board. Surprisingly I had no problems with keying him out. I feared that because the greenscreen in the back was not evenly lit, I would encounter some problems in the post production process. But as it was, all went well.

imm_001_04_X1_0001 imm_001_04_X1_0004 imm_001_04_X1_0007
The compositing part of the video was straight forward. Since it was a short test, no fancy effects and animation was needed. All in all, from start to the final scene, it took me about 3 to 4 hours to finish. Most of the time I had to struggle with figure moving around the place. So next time I might need to tape it to the ground to reduce the frustration of having to start over.

It is a rather time consuming and tedious process, but fun nonetheless. You can expect more stop motion from me in the future.


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