The Rules of Beat’em Up Gaming


I used to be an avid enthusiast of Beat’em Up games back in the year of 2000 until about 2008. I practically quit when SF4 came out and when all the rage about eSports started.

Back in 2000 there was no online gaming and thus we had to meet up in person and compete against each other. The community in Germany was rather small, but everyone was very passionate about their hobby. Participating in tournaments meant travelling. During that time I got to see a lot of my home country, Germany. Funny that I never travelled for the sake of travelling and being tourist, but for my hobby.

This small series is a tribute to Beat’em Up games, which I still love very much. Of course there is more to the game than just those five rules. But if you follow those five tips, you can perform pretty decent against anyone.

Who knows, maybe I’ll join the party again when Streetfighter V comes out.

The Rules of Beatem Up Games #1

Rule #1: learn how to block.


The Rules of Beatem Up Games #2

Rule #2: keep your cool, stay focused and observe.


The Rules of Beatem Up Games #3

Rule #3: don’t be too defensive and don’t turtle too much. Read your opponent and anticipate his move.

Rule #4: retaliate!


The Rules of Beatem Up Games #5

Rule #5: strut and shit talk your way to fame.

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