Like a spark in the dark

Mikasa Firesparks


Toyphotography for me is also always about creating new methods to visualise one’s ideas. Besides the obvious tool like Photoshop, there are also other ways to achieve your desired effect. Up until now I always turned to this wonderful pixel altering program for all sorts of effects. This time around, though, I tried doing the effects in camera.

The results are rather pleasing as I am very satisfied with how the fire effects turned out. This raining fire was done with a long exposure and a simple lighter. Obviously, I had some tries until I ended up with something that I liked. For finishing touches I went into Lightroom and did some minor tweaks in color and exposure. No photoshop at all.

Next time I would like to try something with water and high speed flashes. Maybe Mikasa will learn how to swim 😉

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