Making of…Drag me to Hell

Drag me to Hell

In this new “Making Of…” post I want to share with you some behind the scenes shots and lighting setup of my most popular photo on instagram to this date. I always wanted to do a horror setup of that kind. The pyramidhead who found a new victim for his lair. Thus I was looking for figures with swappable scared faces. Idolmaster’s Uzumaki Shimamura was a perfect fit. Though I have never seen Idolmaster before in my life, this figure seemed just right for my shot idea.


All in all I used five lights to set up the scene. The desk lamp in the background would simulate the depths of hell that poor Uzumaki is being drawn into. The bright light blows out any detail on the nurse leaving just her silhouette. I love shooting the nurse like that. The idea of a faceless sexy nurse is something so disturbing that already tipped me off in the game.

So the desk lamp was the main light source in this shot. Everything else that follows is just for detail and fleshing out the scene. The two USB LEDs (which are bendable btw) with the red gel were used to set the mood.



The other two lights are rim lights, my favorite. You can’t really make them out too much because the fog blows them out, but they are there and help seperating the two figures from the background.

I used the following settings for my cam:

1/4 sec exposure with an aperture of f/13 and ISO 200. The slow shutter speed allows the fog to move for natural motion blur. One thing that I only thought of now is: maybe I should have used a different focal length. Instead of shooting in a tele range (in this case 105mm), maybe the scene would have been more dramatic if I had used more of a wider focal length like 30mm. The reason being, tele focal ranges compress the perspective very strongly. While this is nice for static, more laid back scenes, a wider focal range would have been better for conveying that drastic, life threatening moment. It would have pulled the viewer more into the scene. Well, something I have to remember for the next time 😉


Click on the image to view on Youtube

Hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes post. See you next time!

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