How to build a mini superclamp rig

Ever since I started shooting again, I was longing for more comfortable tools to work with on “set”. Something that I use a lot during a “real” photo job is the C-Stand with a superclamp. Both are a real life saver on set, because you can rig almost anything with them. So I thought, why not build yourself a miniature version of that combo? Here is what I came up with.


Items and tools that you need:

  1. Crocodile clips. These are normally used for connecting cables to batteries, like jumper cables. The small versions of them are rather affordable (mine were just around $5). They come in different length and colors, which is neat, because this way we can use them to tell apart different lengths of our arms.
  2. Copper wire. Just like the crocodile clips, I got that wire from my local hardware shop. Depending on how sturdy you want your arms to be, you can choose different sizes. Mine has a diameter of 1mm.
  3. Wooden dices. I chose to use wooden dices as a base for my arms. They measure 3cm x 3cm and weigh about 160g. To be honest, after I finished building the first arm, I wished the dices were a bit heavier. But oh well, I can bend the wire to balance out the weight. Next time I’ll look out for something heavier. I got these from Amazon, by the way.
  4. Pliers, hot glue gun, soldering iron. These are your tools that you are going to use for the build.

Let’s build!

First you want to decide on the length on your arm. Once you’re set, you take one branch and double it and twist a third one around them, just like in the photo.
Next we need to take apart the crocodile clips. I stripped off the plastic cover and with the help of the soldering iron I seperated the cable from the clip. Keep the plastic cover for a later use.


Next step is to solder the clip to the copper wire arm that we just created. If you are lucky enough to have a third hand tool for help, you can use it. The A-clamp in this case was suffice for me. Now take the plastic cover that we saved from before and pull it over the wire and the soldered part of the clip. Looking pretty neat, no?

Once you are done it’s time to prepare the dices. Drill a big enough hole in the middle of the dice and fire up your hot glue gun. Once it’s ready to go, fill in the hole with a good amount of glue and attach the copper wire arm. Let it dry and you are done 🙂



Because of its sturdiness you won’t need to be afraid that you break the copper wire arm. You can bend it in any direction to suit your needs. Link is also happy about the diffused light. Next time I’ll talk about how to build that scrim that you can see on the right side of that photo. Cheers!

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