Special FX Asset give away


A while ago I was experimenting with in-camera effects. Nowadays people are so creative with the way they capture special effects in their photography. I’m just thinking of people who use firecrackers and fake blood. Nothing beats that kind of special effects, but for those who can’t go out or don’t have the possibility to use that kind of stuff the best solution is still Photoshop. Back then I was using a simple lighter to create this following photo of Attack on Titan’s Mikasa:

Mikasa Firesparks

Along the way I shot some assets that I would use later on for editing other photos. Like these for example:

firesparks_mitsuru3  firesparks_destinyfiresparks_cammy

Today I would like to share these assets with you. I’m giving away all the firesparks that I created back then for you to use in your projects. Feel free to do whatever you like with them. I don’t mind if you use them commercially or share them with your friends. Just be so nice as to mention my name if you do so. Oh and I would love to see what you came up with. Here is the link and enjoy 🙂

Fire spark SFX Asset Pack

How to use

It’s pretty simple. Load any number of firespark layers into you shot that you want to enhance and change its blending mode to screen (or any other mode that will suit your purpose) and edit away.

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