S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Trunks

I know it’s been a while since that figure came out and to be honest I forgot that I had him preordered with Bigbadtoystore. In fact I had him sitting in the pile of loot for over three months. Shame on me. But as it was I finally received this sword wielding blondie in my mail last week, And I must say I am very pleased with this figure. They used a new body build on this one and most of the changes are actual improvements. But lets not jump ahead and start from the top.

He comes with the usual bunch of hands and additional two faces for the Super Saiyajin version an one regular head with his light purple hair. That is basically it, no special effects or anything else.

You can swap his normal face with the SSJ face variations, but it wouldn’t make any sense, since his eyebrows stay blonde. Too bad, I would have liked more variations with the normal face as well.

The overall sculpt of the body feels really sturdy as its joints have your usual S.H. Figuarts stiffness to them which translate into good stable poseability. The arms are connected to the torso via butterfly joints so that he can reach a good amount forward. He has a biceps swivel, double jointed elbows and his hands have your standard ballpeg joints.

Now what stands out to me the most is the new ab crunch. Its range of movement is off the top. It’s even better that the Awakening Goku and allows for some really dynamic poses. He can almost bend over if you pull out the upper body and bend it to the max. I really really love it. Only drawback is that huge gap in his back that opens when you stress the joints to their maximum. But most of the time you won’t be showing him from that perspective, so I can live with that.

His thighs have new joints as well. I can’t really make out how the configuration on them is, but it looks like the legs are connected via balljoints and cups, just like the shoulders on the Awakening Goku. If you put some effort into it he can do an almost split. The feet have a solid range of movement, including ankle rockers and toe bends.

One thing I like about this Trunks over the standard sword wielding Trunks is the paint job. His Super Saiyajin hair has a subtle shading to it which looks way better than that glossy finish in the other version. I like this one far better. The blue on his suit has a matte finish which for my taste was the right decision as well.

Overall I am very pleased with how he turned out and I will definitely buy the new version of Vegeta as well even though I have the special color version. Check out more photos of him in my flickr album.

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